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Plate heat exchanger

Zilmet History

Zilmet was founded in 1955 by Mr. Ugo Benettolo, called "Officine F.lli Benettolo”, with its core business being the manufacturing transformation of ferrous metals. In 1965 the company had 160 employees and Mr. Benettolo decided to change the name of the company to "Zilmet dei f.lli Benettolo” and move the company to Padova, Italy. With the move to Padova, the company shifted its focus and beganmanufacturing expansion tanks as well as plate heat exchangers.

The second generation of the Benettolo family, led by Paolo Benettolo, strengthened the sales network within Italy and expanded the company’s reach into Europe and Asia, and then later into North America. The key growth factors of the company have been the technological innovation which has led to increased production and quality efficiency. In addition, with a customer focused engineering department, Zilmet has been able to create many custom solutions for many of its customers.

Zilmet currently manufactures in excess of 6 million products a year, has a production area of 150.000 square meter, and employs over 500 people. Zilmet currently has branches in Italy, France, Germany, England and the USA.

Zilmet Expansion vessel more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality pressure tanks, producing over 5 million tanks annually.

Zilmet gasketed plate heat exchangers are manufactured with plates in AISI 316 L stainless steel or TITANIUM 0,5 mm thickness. This kind of material and thickness allows to have a very good transmission coefficient and to assure a great corrosion resistance, even with aggressive fluids.

Zilmet brazed plate heat exchanger smore than 40 years of experience in manufacturing high quality products brazed in copper, producing over 1 million pieces annually.

All Zilmet plate heat exchangers are tested before shipment at 1,5 times the maximum working pressure.

The Zilmet ZC/ZE SERIE plate heat exchangers range for refrigeration and conditioning market. This series has been designed and made to be used as evaporator and condenser with the different type of refrigerants including high-pressure ones (R410A and R32). Furthermore, they are particularly suitable for reversible cycle devices, oil coolers, de-superheaters, subcoolers, economizers and heat recovery.

The Zilmet ZC/ZE SERIE plate heat exchanger has many applications.

- Heat Pump

- Chiller

- Ice Maker Machine

- Water Loop

The Zilmet ZB SERIE plate heat exchanger dedicate to single phase application (Water-Water, Water-Oil, ecc.)

The Zilmet ZB SERIE plate heat exchanger has many applications.

- Production of sanitary hot water

- De-coupling of thermic circuits

- District heating systems

- Recovery of heat coming from industrial process

- Cooling or heating of alimentary fluids (milk, beer, wine, ...)

-Cooling of industrial machineries

-Heating of water for swimming-pools, solar systems