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The company Dorin was founded in 1918 and ranks between companies with long term tradition of the production of the compressors for refrigerating industry. Actually, it employs about 150 persons and produces 75.000 compressors yearly. The company’s philosophy is to produce modern, innovative, silent, reliable and in terms of price affordable compressors.




What should you generally know about Dorin compressors?

·       Each produced compressor is tested on tightness by helium and next on check its electrical and performance parameters.

·       Every compressor has a teflon bearing which is able to work for a short time even without lubricant.

·       Valves and head valves are hydrodynamicaly optimized, which assures high effectiveness and low noise level.

·       Each shaft is separately balanced to get a very quiet and smooth running.

·       Most of compressors (from H35 to H6) are easily exchangeable with competitive models, as its suction and head valves, fixtures and oil-checking windows are on the same places.

·       It is the first producer of CO2 compressors (in subcritical and transcritical areas). Actually, it has already installed all over the world over 8000 of CO2 compressors. A lot of technologies from this demanding field are also applied in standard compressors.



Types of compressors produced by the company Dorin:



·       Range H- semi-hermetic compressors from 2,89 to 221,75 m3/h at 50Hz

·       Range 2SH – two-stage compressor with an inbuilt cooler

·       HI range – specially developed for frequency changers – working range from 20 to 90Hz

·       THI – tandem compressors with compressors H and HI

·       AU condensation units with compressors H and HI (including silent and tropical execution)

·       Compressors for coolant R134a - EcoPremium range

·       HEX range with certification ATEX for explosive environment and for explosive coolants

·       CO2 ranges for ecologic refrigerating systems (N°1)

·       Compressors for transport refrigeration and open compressors




You can check the technical parameters on web page www.dorin.com or download catalogues here.