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Collectors of coolant and Valves

A large range of collectors of coolant as well as various types of valves and components used in refrigerating industry and air-conditioning is offered by the company Dena Line, whose experiences since more than 25 years allow to supply high quality and reliable products.

The offer presents the following products:

·       Collectors of coolant in the volumes from 0,60 to 450 liters and operational pressure up to 37 bars, while on customer’s request it is also possible to offer a special execution of the collector. The collectors are delivered with the respective PED certificates.

·       Valves are delivered for refrigerating and air-conditioning equipments with rotolock connections from 3/4" up to 2 1/4". The valve output could be welded ODS or threaded SAE. It is also possible to weld it directly on a collector or on a hermetic compressor by flange joint. Every type of valve could be protected against oxidation by one of the following surface treatments: by nickel-plating, tin-plating or copper-plating of valve’s corps.

·       Separators of liquids with volumes from 0,7 to 11,0 liters

·       Separators of liquids with heat exchangers with volumes from 0,7 to 10,5 liters

·       Separators of oil and absorbers of vibrations

·       Various accessories, collectors’ connections

·       Brass security valves

·       Brass three-ways valves

All products are manufactured in accordance with EU technical norms and their quality is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 regulations. They are 100% tested on leaks inferior to 6 gms / year by helium.

The company Dena Line has received a certificate in accordance with European regulation 97/23/EC concerning pressure vessels classified in categories II, III, IV for their collectors.