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Finned packed heat exchangers

The company Roen Est was founded in 1983 in Italy. Expanding its activity a production plant was opened in 1999 also in Slovakia. In the offered range of products there are finned packed, valve and shell and tube heat exchangers. Most of shell and tube heat exchangers are produced right in Slovakia, in the plant at Nove Mesto nad Vahom. The company has specialized in the production of elements for equipments in accordance with the customers’ requests.


Basic information about finned packed heat exchangers:

4 shapes are available: 25 x 21,65mm, triangular on pipe ø8 and ø10, 35 x 30,31 mm, triangular on pipe ø12, 35 x 35mm, squared on pipe ø12.


The plates could be aluminium, copper, aluminium with epoxide coat or hydrophilic.


The used materials: copper pipes and aluminium or copper plates, stainless steel (pipes, plates, metal sheets)




The application of finned packed heat exchangers as a component for air-conditioning from cooling to heating is very large.




Catalogues could be downloaded from web page:  www.roenest.com .