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Distributors, regulators and thermostats

The company Pego is an Italian company founded in 1995, specialized in the production of distributors, regulators and thermostats for refrigeration and for industrial air-humidifiers (generators of vapor) especially for the treatment of the air (ventilation). A philosophy of the company Pego is to assure that its products will have:

·A simple and practical usage

·Inbuilt components of high quality (Pego uses components from company Siemens)

·Unified programming

·A nice, attractive look and very good treatment

We offer solutions for steering of all refrigerating systems from the smallest to biggest dimension, from simple to the most complicated system. Pego offer includes:

-Consulting and designing of distributors’ and thermostats’ connections

-Production of electrical boards, distributors, distribution boxes according to customers’ requests

-Production of standard, catalogue distributors, which could be connected directly with a compressor, vaporizers and condenser, without the use of contactors. A possibility to use a distributor with inbuilt data logger to preserve data.

-Modification of standard products in accordance with customer’s or market’s requests.

-Production of air-humidifiers (vapor generated by electrodes).

Some typical use of Pego products:

-Simple refrigerating chambers with a single vaporizer and a single condensing unit. Also, single-phase and three-phase distributors with a direct connection. If necessary, distributors with inbuilt data logger could be also used.

-System of several refrigerating chambers with a central computer control

-Big refrigerating systems, demanding individually designed electrical connection and switchboards

-Ripening chambers or other applications where it is necessary to check both the temperature and the humidity of the air

-Ventilating systems, where it is necessary to supply sterile water and to regulate precisely the humidity


For complete information about products you can visit web page www.pego.it or download the catalogue of products here