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Heat recuperators

The range of products offered by the company Technoklima includes also recuperators – cross-shaped and rotating


Cross-shaped recuperator is composed from thin walled ribbed panels, which are cross-shaped under 90° angle. To its construction on use aluminium plates (on customer’s request aluminium epoxy could be also used). Thanks to its construction and the quantity of used materials it is possible:

to use eventually gas of high temperature

to achieve small loss of pressure

to achieve high parameters of passed heat compared with total surface of exchanger

to achieve long life and low price


They are often used in heat recuperation from waste gaz.


The performance of our crossed-shaped exchangers is from 100 to 110.000 m3/h.

Dimensions from 210 x 210 x 100 mm to 3400 x 3400 x 2500 mm.

Distance between plates is from 2 mm to 13,5 mm.

On customer’s request a crossed-shaped exchanger could be equipped separately by the screen of by-pass type and by framework.



In rotating recuperator a heat exchange between a hot and cold gas is realized through a turning cylindrical rotor, which is composed from very thin metal plates. These plates could be produced from aluminium or from aluminium with hydrophilic surface (thanks to its quality it captures a humidity and returns it back to the environment, which contributes to maintaining of stable humidity).

Rotating recuperators are equipped by drive belt and regulator of rotation speed.

The performance of our rotating recuperators is from 420 to 44.000 m3/h.

Diameter of rotor is from 500 mm to 2.500 mm.

Width of rotor is 200 and 250 mm.

Production time for recuperators is approximately 10 to 14 days. They could be off-taken from the plant Roen Est in Slovakia.