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Pipes, collectors and distributors

The company CBS was founded in 1982 as a company specialized in the production of bent copper pipes, collectors and distributors for refrigeration and air-conditioning. In 2011 it went through some important transformations, like modernization of the production line or changing its name to CBS Est.


CBD products are applied in:

·Air-conditioning systems

·Refrigerating systems

·Heating systems (floor heating, water heaters, gas boilers)

·Automobile systems

·Commercial compressors

·Air dryers

·Automats for a coffee or other hot drinks

·Home electrical appliances


In CBS products are used materials: aluminium, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel

Copper products:

-Collector for exchangers

-Solar collectors

-Bent pipes of various forms

-Installation sets

-Complex sets

Aluminium products:

-Connecting pipes for radiators and vaporizers

Steel products:

-Collectors for water exchangers

Stainless steel products:

-Collectors for stainless steel exchangers

-Other application from stainless steel

Brass products:

-Fittings and distributors

The production is fully machine-controlled which assures a high quality of products. The production plants are situated in Italian city of Varmo and Slovak city of Nove Mesto nad Vahom.